I have been writing Real Estate appraisals in Tucson since 1977. I am TUCSON REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL, Jeffrey C. Patch Inc., I picked the name in 1985 four years after starting my business, I wanted an original name to represent where I worked and what I did. Since then, there have been several impostors, but I have had the name so long, most bankers and lenders, in the community know me and how I work.

I have been around in the good markets and the bad markets, I understand the markets in Tucson. I have seen Tucson grow and expand all across the valley. It will take some time for Tucson to absorb all the track homes which have been given back, or acquired by lenders. Fortunately, several submarkets have already hit bottom. The area off of Valencia, west of the casino seems to have stabilized. Homes which were $250,000 are now $125,000 to $140,000. They’re selling well. Other areas have yet to reach the bottom.

Read my blog to get interesting facts and to help you make market timed decisions- this is a very tough time to be selling.

Check out my web page on Google at tucsonrealestateappraisal.com. State licensing has legitimized the lowest common denominator. According to the “state” if you have a license for 10 minutes, you’re as qualified as someone with 20 years.

Thank you for reading,

Jeffrey C Patch, MAI, SRA
(520) 326-6066