Make sure you get what you pay for when paying for an appraisal

Make sure the Bank or Mortgage Broker uses a certified Arizona Real Estate Appraiser, SRA, or MAI to write your report.

It can make a BIG difference when it comes to understanding the Tucson Market. Be an informed consumer! The new trend is to hire the CHEAPEST appraiser, and that is what you get a cheap appraisal-poorly written, a poor quality report.

Real Estate Appraising takes careful consideration and knowledge of the changing market trends. Ask the Bank the price you pay and the price they pay the appraiser, there is a huge discrepancy –

Good appraisers won’t work for nothing – their time is valuable!


Yes, it is finally true, home sales are beginning to stabilize and repairs in the housing market are a good sign for a recovery. This does not mean prices will be going up, however it is a good sign for sellers and buyers. Home sales in July confirmed the positive sign of improvement. Meanwhile the Federal reserve chief, said the U.S. global economies were starting to emerge from the downturn thanks to strong response from central banks.

Existing-home sales rose 7.2% last month to an annual rate of 5.24 million the most since August 2007. Sales have risen for four months now. Now IS really the time to buy before interest goes up, sellers recognize new market strength, government incentives are removed, and foreclosure driven discounts end. There may not be such a great time again, these cycles tend to last 7-10 years, and I think we are on the uptrend of the downward cycle!

The key to continued improvement is the stabilization of the labor market. You really need to start seeing job creation to document the uptrend. It appears that a return to growth is in the near future. It will be a slow recovery, but buying on the bottom of a trend is the best way to make money. Don’t follow the crowd, pay careful attention to the positive signs appearing now. Buyers have the most control over the market that they have had in several years, this a money making time, if you have some cash, and convictions!