Ok, ok, ok, it is time to buy!!

Lucky you, it is finally a good time to buy. If you HAVE cash, patience, and a super stable job- go ahead buy. Don’t necessarily listen to an agent,do your own homework. The best way to buy is to be educated and not rely on anyone to give you a false information. The market has flat lined, that means, you won’t get alot of appreciation, but you will get a good deal and know you are almost or, at the borttom of the market. Plain old ordinary people can make money timing the market, buying low and selling high, but it isn’t as easy as that. The market is still scared, buyers are scared and the economy still plays the largest part of the movement in the market.
Housing trends tend to be 7 years well we starting (offically) in 2008, California 2005, and other parts of the country followed a slightly different pattern, but the majority of the country is trending upward- Yea for us who waited it out…
That doesn’t mean housing is going up, however, it means we are stablizing and that alone is something new. The inflationary positive values upward should begin in 2015, (3% a year average).
Most people who are in the Real Estate industry realize interest has not been so low since the 60′s. We get to go back in time now for buyers- First time home buyers, people with great credit waiting to move up, people who have been renters ,waiting cash buyers, investors, and others who have been patient. The market is till tough to get a loan, so check with several banks and credit unions push hard to get a good loan. The laws have once again changed, and will change again in July.
Purchasing a home NOW offers the reassurance of buying low, chosing from a decent inventory, and buying at a low, low interest rate. Don’t get emotional involved, don’t get in a bidding war, and don’t think you lost something GREAT! There are alot of great homes out there. If you are flexible, certains areas are still lagging and or depressed area ( moving slowly). Be carefull when using zillow or other web sites for a basis on property values, they CAN NOT consider all options as would an appraiser, because they are NOT familiar with the specifics of the house. Appraisers consider views(how could zillow consider that????) interior finishes(not track upgrades necessary) lot orientation, fireplaces, neighboring communities, foreclosures in the areas, specifics from the part of town,(buses, shopping, rural) and specific distances from/ to the home. SO the appraiser gets the best information from his data, education, local market trends, and national/local effects of economies. The value of appraisers in the market will return once the economic values of real estate return to normal levels.
We still have shadow inventories,( houses to be put up for sale from the banks or homeowners), however the inventories are dropping to normal levels. Homes have traditonally given value to people who own their homes for many years, cash out and have some money for retirement, however with many values back to 2004 ,many retirees have no equity and will hold as long as possible- look for a long slow market improvement. With all negative considerations the market has improved just because of time , not any thing anyone has done(infact mostly the markets have improved JUST BECAUSE nothing goes down forever). Interesting fact, remember all markets are cyclical. Always do what others aren’t doing, run against the trend at the time!