Sales are up and stable but…..

The areas within Tucson can lag behind other states , cities and even area to area within the Tucson greater area. Know and review your value, comparables sales, and sales data within your 1 mile range. Remember to compare similar age, square footage, lot views, building materials, updates and so on. The market is narrow right now and buyers can be picky unless you are under $249,999. It is slowly improving, lower range is stable $120,000 and upper $1,000,000.00. Slowly Tucson will improve in different price ranges, locations, and out lying areas, but beware. We are still hanging on- depending on interest rate fluctuations , job creation within Tucson and upward mobility. Yes, we are improving building is beginning to occur, things are selling, improvements can add value to your house, but don’t expect great returns or inflationary pricing just yet, 3% a year is standard here.
Be happy if your house sells, the bank doesn’t call your line of equity due, or you have money to do improvements. Sit tight for two more years, it may be a better time to sell , but remember if your house goes up so does everything else.